The Seedsquare’s MVNO Sytem, with OCS handling 50,000 messages per second

New Product for year 2015

The Seedsquare MVNO System supports Data Package SIM from Year 2015

Our client was established in 2000 and is a licensed Telecommunications Service Provider granted by the Office of the Telecommunication Authority of Hong Kong SAR. Since 2000, the company has been actively capitalizing on the growth of the telecommunications market. It provides a wide range of telecommunications services including:

  • International calling card
    • PIN and Balance for validation and real time billing
  • International Direct Dialing (IDD) service with prefix 1512
    • Customer pre-registration
    • Automatic Number Identification/Calling Line Identification (ANI/CLI) authentication is the authentication of a connection attempt based on the phone number of the caller.
  • International Call Forwarding (ICF) service
    • Customer pre-registration via IVRs
    • Allow users to receive forwarded calls to overseas numbers.
    • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service
  • Online Charging System (OCS) on Voice , SMS and Data service
  • Multiple rate on Voice , SMS and Data Usage
  • Real time mobile reporting service

Seedsquare’s MVNO system consists of 3 major components, the core trunk gateway, IVR system and online charging system (OCS).

The Trunk Gateway support SS7, ISDN, IP connections among multiple local and oversea operators for voice termination. The gateway identifies the caller ID / PIN and delivers calls to corresponding called party.

The IVR system allows customer registration, personal PIN creation and route profile configuration. The system also enables customer to check balance and modify the profile settings.

The OCS supports real time billing control based on usage volume (Voice, SMS, and Data), tariff and time zone. The system can handle large amount of concurrent transactions. The maximum handling rate exceeds 50,000 messages per second.